Broshuis trailers with fixed cranes

The choice for a folding crane mounted on a trailer is based on being self-supporting. A number of options are possible. On this page, you can read everything about folding cranes at a fixed position.

Fixed position

A folding crane at a fixed position means that the crane is mounted to the trailer with heavy bolts. The folding crane cannot be moved or shifted. The advantage of a folding crane mounted at a fixed position is that the trailer only needs extra reinforcement at that position. This saves a lot in terms of weight and the purchase cost of the trailer. This reinforcement in the chassis is engineered by means of a strength calculation at the earliest stage. In this way, we know exactly where the trailer needs to be reinforced and how strong the chassis is at that point.

Broshuis trailer with fixed crane Broshuis trailer with fixed crane

Broshuis trailer with fixed craneBroshuis trailer with fixed crane

Movable fixed position

Because the folding crane is attached at a fixed position, the trailer is sometimes less flexible for different types of transport because the mounted crane can get in the way.

As an option, you can choose a second position for the same (bolt-on) folding crane, for example one position on the gooseneck and one position on the low bed. The advantage of this is that you can change the position depending on the cargo to be transported.

Tail crane

For transports where a tail crane is needed for loading and unloading, two folding cranes can also be used. This can be done either with a folding crane on the tractor unit and on the trailer, or with two folding cranes mounted on the trailer.

Broshuis trailer with fixed crane Broshuis trailer with fixed crane

Vlastuin with Broshuis trailer with 2 fixed cranes Vlastuin with Broshuis trailer with 2 fixed cranes

Broshuis trailer with fixed crane