Comparing flat trailers - All types

It is named the flat trailer because the entire loading floor is flat. Flat trailers are often used for length transports. If you are looking for a flat trailer, your first question will be; How much should the trailer be able to extend? This varies between not being extendable at all up to extending 4 times. But when do you use which flat trailer?

Here you will find a number of practical examples of why other transporters have opted for a certain type of flat trailer.

As mentioned, often the extendability is the first factor to determine which flat trailer is best for you.

Extendable trailer
The length of the cargo often determines how much the trailer must be able to extend.
Below you can see how many meters a semi-trailer can be extended with the total maximum length that the semi-trailer will be in total.

Number of times extendable Length extendable Maximum length extended
0x 0 13,5 meter
1x 7,5 meter 21,0 meter*
2x  15,4 meter 28,9 meter*
3x  22,5 meter 36,0 meter*
*Starting from basic length of 13,6 meters

If a trailer is extendable several times, it means that several extension beams are used. This does makes the trailer heavier. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the total combination weight and payload when choosing a trailer. Below is shown what the tare weight per trailer would be when choosing the extendability.

Tare weight and load capacity

Number of times extendable Length extendable Maximum length extended Tare weight Load capacity
0x 0 13,5 meter 10,0 tons* 42,5 tons*
1x 7,5 meter 21,0 meter** 11,5 tons* 41,0 tons*
2x  15,4 meter 28,9 meter** 12,3 tons* 40,2 tons*
3x  22,5 meter 36,0 meter** 14,0 tons* 38,5 tons*

* Tonnages are indication numbers and depend on the implementation
** Starting from basic length of 13,6 meters

It is therefore ultimately about the load that is to be transported in order to opt for a specific version. There is also a lightweight variant of the flat trailer. This is only available in a single extendable version. We will not deviate from this further. You can read more about the lightweight version here.

Load floor height
Most flat trailers have a loading floor height between 1,400 and 1,450 mm. If the load is often too high, a variant with smaller tires is also available, reducing the floor height by 210 mm. If you opt for a lower variant, this is at the expense of the useful load capacity. Hereby you have to take into account that you can load less 4.5 tons.