Flat trailer - Safety

Safety is our top priority, both the safety of our employees during the production process as well as the safety of the transporters who work with our trailers. We, therefore, constantly ask ourselves: “What can we do to make our trailers safer on the road?”

Here are some safety measures of the flat trailer.

Certified headboard 

Load securing according to EN Standard Form-fitting loading 

Stairs on the side of the trailer

Certified headboard Broshuis Load securing according to EN Standard Broshuis Form-fitting loading Broshuis stair flat trailer

This can be forgotten or underestimated but unfortunately the pictures of accidents from negligence here speak for themselves. An emergency stop or accident may cause the load to slide forward and even enter the driver's cabin so in order to prevent this, we have equipped all our flat trailers with a TÜV certified headboard. 

To secure the load, we only use certified lashing options. You can therefore safely secure your load in accordance with the EN 12640 and EN 12195 standards. Besides this, we offer a cargo securing course for ‘code 95’ which is entirely based on special transport.

Another safety measures we have taken  when designing our flat trailers is form fitting loading. This means that you can lock the cargo in such a way that it does not shift at all during the journey.

With the help of certified stake pots and stake pocket rows you can be assured you and your cargo are safe. 

A flat trailer is the highest trailer in our range so to be able to reach the loading floor safely, we have installed a staircase with extra grip on all our flat trailers. Optionally we offer full protection to prevent the driver from falling off the trailer.

Comprehensive final inspection with brake test
Every flat trailer gets an extensive final control meaning every function of the trailer will be tested and approved. One exceptional feature of this is the comprehensive brake test that each flat trailer also undergoes, helping you to many safe kilometers. 










User's manual
As soon as our flat trailers are delivered, the users receive extensive training on how to use the trailer safely. Step by step, each functionality will be tested and explained to make sure everything is clear!


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