Technical details...

The trailers that we build for the Ministries of Defence are equipped with special technical components. These components are intended to make work safer and easier.

Detachable winch

We have developed a detachable winch especially for towing (stranded) vehicles and materials on the trailer. This winch is easy to place and operate.



With the winch it is possible to place a reversing roller on the back of the trailer. By guiding the winch cable along this roller, the vehicles can also be towed off the trailer.






Power pack

Our trailers can be equipped with a power pack. This is often a HATZ diesel. This means that the trailer can also be operated without a truck standing in front of the trailer.


Wheel chocks

To secure loads with both tracked and wheeled vehicles, we have developed special wheel chocks. These chocks can be secured at various positions on the loading floor of the trailer. The vehicles can be set against this, so that they are form-fittingly loaded. The sturdy wheel chocks have been specially tested for these heavy track vehicles.



Track guides

Track guides are points on the loading floor that guide the tracked vehicles when the trailer drives up. With these, the tracks will stay within the guides so the driver can be sure that the tracked vehicle is standing straight on the trailer. This allows the driver to work safely and quickly.


Lifting eyes

It is possible to equip the trailers with certified lifting eyes. With this, the loaded trailer can be lifted somewhere (for example: a ship).


Lashing eyes

To secure various loads securely, our trailers are equipped with various certified lashing eyes.

Ramp( valves)

In order to be able to unload and load the various wheel and tracked vehicles quickly and safely, the trailers are often equipped with hydraulic ramps. In addition to the hydraulic ramps, we have also designed spring-balanced ramps for special projects. These ramps are balanced at any position, and can therefore be operated very easily and quickly with low man / muscle strength.


Single loading ramps


Double loading ramps


Loading ramps spring balanced