Our service goes further than just supplying parts

We can do a lot for you logistically. We have been successfully working with various Defence ministries for many years. As a result, we know what is expected of us. In fact, we have put together a team especially for Defence, so that you have a permanent contact within our organisation, providing you with the correct information, answers and documentation. We also work with special Defence teams in production and in doing so, we can offer you good service and support, now and in the future. Below we explain a number of important logistical aspects for you.

1: Training
We provide extensive training on the operation, use and maintenance of the trailers.

The training is essential to be able to operate the trailers safely and easily. In addition, as maintenance of the trailer in the field is sometimes necessary, the end users are trained in that as well.

2: Manuals
A special manual is compiled for each trailer which explains how to operate and maintain it. With the help of this manual, the training can also be passed on internally to new incoming users.

3: Parts
The trailers are built in such a way that the components of different types are interchangeable. Whether it is a semi low loader or a low loader, we use the same parts as much as possible. Due to the sustainable construction of the trailer, you can be assured that parts will be available for several years.

4: Delivery times
Here you will find an overview of the major Defence projects. Thanks to the special defence teams and the defence production line, we can give you fast and reliable delivery times.