ECO loading ramp

A great technique

The ECO loading ramp has a lot of benefits, curious what?


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20% fuel saving

Overhanging load possible

Easy operating

Less loading space required

Because your ramps are no longer upright, it is proven that you can achieve a fuel saving of 20%.

Your ramp is part of the load floor. This means that you can take on an overhanging load. This is usually more difficult with upright ramps.
It is very safe and straightforward to operate this ECO loading ramp and to drive on and off it.

Because the ECO loading ramp is relatively small in size, less space is required for loading or unloading the semi-trailer.

What makes the ECO ramp so unique?

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Load floor and ramp

Lighter construction

24 tonnes load capacity

Able to lift up to 10 tonnes

The ECO loading ramp is a part of the loading floor that you can lower so that it is able to act as a ramp.

The ECO loading ramp has a much lighter construction than the upright ramps.

The ECO loading ramp can be driven over with a weight of 24 tonnes, usually without an additional aluminium ramp, which could also be added on to it.
Machinery and equipment up to 10 tonnes can be lifted using the ECO loading ramp.

Loading angle